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Freshwater Salmon Fishing Trips Vancouver Island 

These freshwater salmon fishing trips Vancouver Island are more than a fishing adventure, they're a wildlife spectacle!  Imagine drifting these clean freshwaters with the leaves on the trees changed to glowing reds and oranges, maybe catch a glimpse of a big bull elk as he bugles in the midst of the rut, fish jumping, splashing all around and you breath the crisp clean air.

The San Juan River along with Harris creek, Gordon and Caycuse are incredible rivers with some of the best freshwater salmon opportunities for Chinook, Coho, Chum and Steelhead. Our salmon fishing begins in the fall on island rivers. These rivers are very easily accessible from Port Renfrew, which is a short drive from Victoria.

August and September bring the first freshwater salmon to the San Juan harbour as they wait for the rivers to swell with rain so they can migrate home to spawn.


September to October are the best times for freshwater salmon fishing trips Vancouver Island. Our northern coho are enormous and weights of 15 to 22 pounds are common.  It’s also at this time that the first steelhead start milling about the river mouth and then until February they make their way into the fresh water rivers.

Our jet boat trips are the best way to access the San Juan for freshwater salmon fishing trips Vancouver Island. We are passionate about taking in avid out of town anglers to our favourite fishing holes. We love to show off our island.

We also offer full day drifts down the San Juan river and tributaries in our 14ft  NRS raft, complete with a fishing frame for 2 anglers.


Multi day trips with accommodations are available.

Fly fishing and fishing with gear can both be very successful. For those anglers that are into throwing flies, it can be an amazing fishing adventure. But don’t be fooled, drifting plugs and throwing spoons for these fresh chrome fish can be just as great or even better! We will customize your fishing package to best suit your needs.

When the fishing is hot  be prepared to get sore arms as it can be a blast hooking these powerful fish over and over! All gear is provided for your day on the river.

Weather and water conditions are closely monitored to ensure a fun and safe trip. Weather in British Columbia can be unpredictable, so while enjoying your freshwater salmon fishing adventure make sure you are prepared. Please bring appropriate rain gear and layered clothing.

Contact us to book your trip now.

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