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Vancouver Island Jet Boat Trips

Our Vancouver Island jet boat trips are our client's favourite. These jet boat charters provide easy access to quiet rivers full of fish! The best fishing spots are always remote and Southern Vancouver Island is no exception. A true angler appreciates the waters that provide a challenge to get to. These Vancouver Island jet boat trips will get you away from the crowds of the Cowichan River into the secluded areas, in and around Port Renfrew.

These amazing boats are extremely nimble and need only 3" of water depth to operate, making it easy to get up the river. These jet boat trips are generally our most productive, as it enables us to cover more water and get from spot to spot much quicker than our hike in or drift fishing trips. 

These fish are less spooked as they haven't encountered as much traffic or pressure. You could be the first human some of these fish have seen!


All species of Salmon, Steelhead and Trout are available via our jet boat trips. Fall salmon and winter steelhead seem to be the most popular with the jet boat


Vancouver Island Jet Boat Trips are for everyone

Even if you're not into fishing, these jet boat adventures are perfect for exploring the back country of Vancouver Island. It's a great trip for groups, where not everyone is keen on tossing lines into the water. This is truly an escape from the hustle and bustle into the heart of Vancouver Island, a scenic tour you'll never forget.

We can take up to 3 passengers but it works best with only two people fishing. Three can be crowded unless you're good buddies, used to fishing with each other! 

$525 for a full day charter

2 anglers 

Additional charge for a 3rd angler. See pricing for more details.

Imagine ripping  and roaring up a river into the wilderness, then cutting the engine and listening to nothing but nature. A peaceful lunch stop can be a nice little fire on the river bank. All this while catching fish at the same time. Summer on Vancouver Island can provide heat waves, low water levels, and warm waters that stress fish so make sure you discuss your jet boat trip timing before booking your trip. 

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