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Catching the unique brown trout on the beautiful Cowichan River with Alex was one of the most epic fishing experiences I've ever had. What an amazing day.

Jeff from Colorado

Cowichan River



The Cowichan Brown Trout are a very special species of fish. They are not native to the Cowichan river, but unlike many habitat introduction experiments of days passed, these hardy fish have not only survived, but thrived. They were originally introduced to Canada in 1883 and to the Cowichan river in the 1930s. Almost a hundred years later, we have no ill effects of the introduction of their new home.

Did you know the Cowichan Brown trout are actually from Europe?

Brown Trout fishing trips are for anglers looking for an action packed day

These trout are typically pretty small, with an average of a couple of pounds and about 16 inches long. This is not the fish for the angler looking for the big one. Rather these are the fish you come prepared to catch over and over. It's fun filled day, great for kids and the passionate angler looking to check this species of the list quite possibly the most beautiful setting possible.

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