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Trout Fishing BC

End of March through April and May is when you want to be on this river. It’s a fly fisherman’s paradise! Last week of March the stone flies are hatching and the brown trout are very aware of this. During this time the big rainbows are still spawning but come April we are in full swing.


Spring time in the Cowichan Valley is amazing with all the wildflowers in full bloom and the bugs are hatching. Dry fly fishing can be unreal if you can match the mayfly hatch. Nymphs are always a good choice too if water levels are high.

If trout fishing BC is what gets you excited  then join us for a drift or hike because the Cowichan River is without a doubt the most unique river system on Vancouver Island, and has some of the best trout fishing opportunities around.

The Cowichan River has two native species of trout, the rainbow and cutthroat, but what draws anglers to this system is the introduced Brown trout.

Trout Fishing BC on unique Cowichan River, Vancouver Island

Trout fishing BC- Lake fishing 

If river fishing doesn’t do much for you, we also have the guide rights to several lakes in the Duncan Cowichan area, one of which is a trophy lake. Lois lake is a fly only lake that is open only on the weekends. This means little pressure and great opportunities to catch monster trout.

Trout fishing BC- Average Size

Fish over 20” is normal and the chance of hooking into a brown trout are available. They were stocked in the mid 90’s and have managed to reproduce, so there is still the odd brown trout swimming around waiting to be caught.

Lois lake does allow you to retain one fish per day on your freshwater license.

April and May can be the best time to fish this high alpine lake. At just over 2000ft in elevation it see’s it’s fair share of snow in the winter, so as soon as the ice melts it’s time to fish this shallow lake. At only 18ft at it’s deepest this lake warms up fast in the spring. Lois lake is a real treat to fish.

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