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There are a variety of fall salmon fishing adventures to choose from on Vancouver Island. If you'd like to access remote rivers, we can accommodate you with our jet boat charter. This way we can get into areas, otherwise inaccessible by foot or raft. We love getting passionate anglers into these places where the fish are  undisturbed and unstressed. Our jet boat charters begin and end in Port Renfrew, a quaint little place known for it's rustic vibe and fishing obsession.

If you've heard of the mighty Cowichan river and it's on your bucket list, we can provide a full day of fall salmon fishing on our raft boat. Depending on the day, there will probably be a few more people fishing in these locations, as access is quick and easy from Duncan, but rest assured there will be plenty of spots that will produce fish. 

The fall salmon run on Vancouver Island draws visitors from all over the world as the rivers come alive with Salmon returning to spawn. Many tourists come to just marvel at the amazing activity of these persistent fish. For the avid angler getting away from the crowds and journeying into the remote, peaceful rivers is part of the appeal. It really is a magical time as these amazing creatures return to their native river, where they were born. In the mix you may find trout feeding on the salmon eggs too. Whether you're into fly fishing or a beginner spin caster or just watching the salmon show, up close and personal there is something for literally everyone here. 

Fall Salmon Vancouver Island

The Coho salmon begin to enter the rivers at the end of August. If you're a skilled fisherman you might be able to catch the odd one at this time, but only if you know where to look! This is why we recommend hiring a guide for fall Salmon Vancouver Island. By mid September, the fishing is starting to pick up, making it a little easier. Then October finally arrives and it's on! This is the time of year the Island is famous for. The Vancouver Island fall salmon are all in the rivers now, tugging away at fishing lines of the select people who choose to fish these legendary waters.

This run of salmon lasts until November, with the last of the chum salmon lingering in the wild Vancouver Island waters until December. Timing your fishing vacation for the fall salmon Vancouver Island run, is tricky depending on your ideal fishing situation, so please contact us or send us a booking inquiry for further info.

In October the rivers are full of spawning salmon

River Fishing for Fall Salmon Vancouver Island

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