This is the Vancouver Island Steelhead Fishing of your dreams and we're going to have you reeling these fish in over and over. 

If you're serious about having the Steelhead fishing trip of a lifetime, look no further than these Vancouver Island Steelhead Fishing charters. When winter hits Vancouver Island my Steelhead fishing passion turns into a full time obsession. In our opinion the best time to fish Vancouver Island is in the winter, because that's when I like to catch steelhead. I live and breath steelhead fishing Vancouver Island (I'd say eat too but I practice catch and release!) I have guiding rights to several river systems and lakes on southern Vancouver Island. 

Winter Vancouver Island Steelhead Fishing on the Cowichan River

Following the autumn salmon spawn the Cowichan turns into some of the best sport fishing on Southern Vancouver Island. The resident brown trout and rainbow trout come out of the cowichan lake to feed on the salmon eggs. They are hungry and eager to bite! It's an amazing fly fishing opportunity during October thru early December. In the following months the steelhead activity starts to increase with the largest runs of steelhead entering the river in January and peaking February & March. And some of these steelhead are big, we catch steelhead upwards of 20lbs! We offer gear fishing and for those anglers looking for a challenge, fly fishing is the way to go. Wild steelhead fish on Vancouver Island are catch and release only, hatchery fish can be kept and retained with your BC fishing license.

Vancouver Island Steelhead Fishing on the Gordon, Harris, Caycuse and San Juan

Our hike in fishing spots are an adventure of their own. We start by navigating various logging roads which wind through our lush coastal forest, possibly catching a glimps of wildlife such as beers, black tail deer, wolves or maybe even a cougar, before hiking down to a pool full of wild steelhead.  These pools are productive in steelhead, with very little pressure due to their remote locations. Water levels, time of year and your physical condition are all important considerations before choosing a river to best suit your needs. We hike from pool to pool looking to catch a fish of lifetime.