Your Steelhead Fishing Vancouver Island Adventure starts with iGuideBC.

Steelhead Fishing Vancouver Island is some of the most incredible sportfishing on the planet. With year round guided fishing trips for salmon, steelhead and trout, no matter what time of year you choose to visit we have an adventure of a lifetime waiting for you. Whether you're looking to go with one of our fly fishing guides or use gear to catch a migrating salmon heading up the river to spawn, late August is the beginning of our mighty salmon run for Coho, Chinook and Chum  and this continues through September, October and even the beginning of November. 

Winter Run Steelhead Fishing Vancouver Island 

Soon after the salmon enter the river, the first few winter run start their journey home as well. From December through April most south Vancouver Island rivers are filling up with these beautiful chrome fish.  As the winter rains move the fish higher up into their native streams this is when I'm on the river full time helping clients to master the craft of angling for these large fresh steelhead. 

Adventuring into the chilly rivers takes a special kind of person, one who is passionate about steelhead fishing! Trust me, when you feel that tug, surrounded by clean fresh air, and an island rain on your face, you will never feel more alive. 

The fish are plentiful and they're waiting to bite your line. Whether you're new to fishing or have years of experience fly fishing, we can help maximize your chances on these rivers.

In the Spring we switch our focus from Steelhead fishing Vancouver Island to Trout Fishing

As the spring hits south Vancouver Island, we turn our attention to the trout fishing. April and May can be a magical time of year when the trout await the beginning of the bug hatches on the rivers and lakes. This fishery continues into the summer months until the weather turns too hot for fishing as the warm low water is very stressful on these trout. That being said the few rivers that have a summer run of steelhead will slowly enter their home streams awaiting for any bit of rain so they can push up stream. This is a great time to target summer run on the fly. The low water makes sight fishing these magnificent beasts a blast. When the sun is out just the beauty of being on a stream this time of year is worth it's wait in gold and every  angler should enjoy this at least once in a lifetime. ‚Äč

How to get to your Steelhead Fishing Vancouver Island Vacation:

Southern Vancouver Island: Take the ferry from Twassen over to Victoria we're about an hour drive north on the main island highway #1. Or take the ferry from Nanaimo and we're about 1 hour drive south on Highway #1. Of course, we'll arrange a meeting location appropriate for your customized fishing package.